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Please note that all travellers to Australia must have a valid visa before boarding their plane. Travellers to Australia cannot apply for a visa on arrival. For many countries, the visa is paperless and added automatically to your air ticket. Check with your travel agent if uncertain or use the following website links. Depending on circumstance online visas (ETA) can take up to two weeks, so allow plenty of time.

Information about attending an event in Australia can be viewed here -

(Visa Options for Business events, such as conferences, meetings or seminars)

You can apply for an ETA (an ETA is an electronically stored authority for travel to Australia) directly through the following link -

Details for contacting the appropriate visa office closest to the applicant's place of residence can be found here.


ASN Events are pleased to announce that invitation letters can now be downloaded from your registration profile.

You can download your invitation letter once you have paid the registration fee in full and entered your passport details.


Information for travellers -


The Australian Government's travel advisory and consular information service.

This site is designed to help you get through the security checkpoints at the airport quickly and easily. It will help you understand the aviation security measures in place at Australian airports and why they are necessary. It provides information on preparing for your trip, what you are prohibited from taking on board, and travelling with children, medicines or sporting equipment.

It also provides a number of videos that explain the screening process and liquids, aerosols and gels restrictions. This site will be updated with new information to reflect changes in airport security arrangements as they occur.


The following Airlines offer domestic and international flights:

QANTAS - click here

Virgin Australia - click here