2014 Presentations


Takanori Abe                          How Japanese organisations deal with Big Data in the context of behavioural advertising and marketing
Matt Adams      Software patent protection around the world: where it is now and where is it going?
John Beardwood                        BSkyB Redux? Lessons from Orange County v Tata Consultancy Services
Claire Bernier Privacy update: Europe
Peter Bullock Achieving resolution of disputes arising from distressed Government IT projects
Arvind Dixit Emerging trends in BYOD
Jason Dixon Challenges in dealing with large scale IT customers
Steve Dyson Mining for value: Unlocking value through innovation
Anthony Foley Interpreting limits on liability
Hamish Fraser Planning for the unnexpected: A case study and lessons learned from a US class action and mediation and its effect on an Australian software developer
David Gallagher What are cyber risks and how can you insure against them?
Gordon Hughes Update on direction of privacy law developments in Australia
Sheena Jacob Privacy update: Asia
Jenna Karadbil Privacy update: United States
Donna Lawler/ Anthony Lloyd  Legal aspects of launches and satellite operations
Tim Marshall Choice of laws in technology agreements
Chris Murphy Contracting for software in an increasingly 'Agile' world
Robert Neely Developments in e-health
Julian Potter The European unified patent court and unitary patent - Dont panic - be prepared
Denis Rice Bitcoins: Their future in worldwide commerce
Roger Royse Agriculture: Ag-Tech law
Timos Sellis Exploiting the power of big data
Sajai Singh As PII emerges in M&A
Tim Smith IP litigation in China: challenging perceptions